Happy News from the Heartland

Posted: Dec 08, 2008 3:11 PM
I had the chance to go back and speak at my alma mater Ball State today about the 2008 elections and am now in the airport for the return trip. I wanted to publicly thank my wonderful hosts and relay to Townhall readers that there is hope in the heartland!

I've been to several of these types of events post-election and the big question that comes from the audience is, inevitably, where does the GOP go from here. I offered up my thoughts on Sarah Palin  on running for RGA chair, the Cao win in Louisiana and explained my hope that the party gets back to real, fiscal conservativism in the coming years.

Of course, it's always flattering to be asked to speak at these types of things, but the best thing about it is being able to go back to BSU and see there are students interested in politics. Several of them asked good, pondering questions and that makes me more excited than anything. I was also able to judge a debate tournament for my former debate coach over the weekend and I love seeing students spending a snowy day inside with their files, folders and flow paper! It reminded me of how much fun I had doing the same.

Several of them wanted to know if debate had helped me in my career now and alI I had to do is open up my computer bag, where I had a file folder of research on everyone of Obama's cabinet appointments for an upcoming magazine piece.

Anyway, great weekend. Thanks, BSU!