Sarah Palin, Republican Governor's Association Chair?

Posted: Dec 02, 2008 3:21 PM
Everyone likes to talk about what Sarah Palin should do to boost her resume for a future presidential run.

I came across an idea today that makes a lot of sense. She could forget the Senate altogether and run to become chair of the Republican Governor's Association after she wins her second term as AK Gov.

This is one of those positions she could make as high-profile as she wants, would make her seem like a team player and could buttress her executive experience. And, it sure beats commuting to Washington for floor votes!

She might already be considering this. When she went to the RGA conference last month, she refused to talk about the presidential campaign in the press conference she held. Instead, she downplayed her role in the election and insisted she would only talk about governors issues, which of course no one wanted to hear about at the the time.

That said, Palin would probably be able to unseat Sen. Lisa Murkowski pretty easily if she wanted to in 2010.