Palin Takes Questions at Gov Conference

Posted: Nov 13, 2008 10:02 AM
Reporters storm Governor Sarah Palin at Republican Governors Association meeting in Miami, Florida.

Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin wants everyone to know she's is a team player.

She refused to answer questions from reporters about her vice presidential bid in her first-post election press conference telling them, “I don’t want to talk about strategy within a campaign that is over.”

 “I know that a lot in the media, you guys are wanting to dissect the past and you are already worrying about, playing that pundits role about what’s going to happened in 2010, 2012,” Palin said. “As far as we are concerned the past in the past.”

Palin addressed reporters before appearing on a panel at the Republican Governors Association titled "Looking Towards the Future: The GOP in Transition."

During a brief question and answer period reporters jabbed Palin with questions about her future ambitions and her political “celebrity." Palin adhered to a message of unity with her fellow GOP governors much to their chagrin.

 “I am trying to convey a message that Republican Governors, we are here and we are united to reach out to new administration and offer solutions,” she said,

 “This group is going to be looked to and looked at for leadership that perhaps has been lacking in Congress and in Washington DC,” Palin said. “The media likes to focus on us as individuals but the Republican Governors Association is a group committed to governors who know only by working together can we bring back that change that has been so desired by the American public who know we can usher that in.”

Palin said that she could help do that by using “my experience that I have as an energy producing state to help our nation become energy independent."