The Big Question...Palin for Senate?

Posted: Nov 05, 2008 10:23 AM
If Stevens loses, can Sarah Palin appoint herself to the Senate?

(It appears he is headed for victory though)

If Stevens wins, will the Senate decline to seat him and THEN can Sarah Palin appoint herself to the Senate???

If Stevens wins and the Senate won't seat him, Palin could try to replace him in a special election. Challenging Murkowski in 2010 is also an option. From the Washington Post:
For Palin, the Senate could also be a path to remaining on the national stage. If Sen. Ted Stevens is reelected but then forced from office because of his recent conviction on bribery-related charges, he would be replaced in a special election as early as next year. The state's other senator, Republican Lisa Murkowski will face reelection in 2010, and the possibility of Palin challenging her in a primary has been floated in some quarters.

Update Two:I dug out my Almanac of American Politics and confirmed that former Governor Frank Murkowski appointed his daughter, Lisa to the Senate after HE resigned from the Senate to become Governor. So the Governor is allowed to do appointments, unless they changed the law somehow after 2002.