How Much Money Does ACORN Get?

Posted: Oct 16, 2008 3:27 PM
Finding out just how much federal funding ACORN gets is quite difficult. They get money from lots of different grants and have lots of different names for their operation.

Most of their money comes from Housing and Urban Development, through programs that provide money Section 8 Housing Assistance, the Fair Housing Initiatives Program, Housing Counseling and Self-Help Home Ownership or Resident Opportunity and Supportive Services grants.

A cursory search on from fiscal year 2000-2008 shows ACORN received more than $12 million in grants and loans from HUD. A cross-agency search for ACORN yields more than $41 million in government grants and loans to ACORN, but that includes other groups with "ACORN" in the name.

I've been working on a master list (sorting the big ACORN from the little ACORNS), but the going is slow. This is a good starting place.

ACORN takes our tax dollars through government grants and programs and then submits hundreds of thousands of fraudulent voter registration cards---actions that costs thousands more in OUR tax dollars to clean up.

We should at least know how much money they are taking from us.