The GOP's Pre-emptive Strike

Posted: Oct 15, 2008 8:52 PM
The debate hasn't started yet, but Team McCain is sending out oppo letting us know about the distortions they're certain Obama will make.

The GOP is preparing to pound Obama for his claim he'll cut taxes on 95 percent of Americans because 40 percent of Americans don't even pay income tax to begin with.

They're also expecting Obama to say McCain's health care plan taxes health insurance benefits which has been refuted by several independent factcheckers. I interviewed McCain's Senior Policy Adviser Nancy Pfotenhauer and she gave me a great breakdown of exactly how McCain's health care plan works for Glamocracy that's posted up there today if you're interested.

The McCain war room will also pounce on Obama's expected charge that McCain will give a tax break to oil companies by telling reporters in the spin room McCain will give a tax break to ALL companies.