Palin Supporters Demand Apology for Pig Smear

Posted: Sep 09, 2008 6:58 PM
In response to a report by the Wall Street Journal's John Fund that Democrats were deploying 30 lawyers, investigators and oppo-researchers to Alaska on a mission to dig up dirt on Sarah Palin, the McCain camp assembled a "Truth Squad" to keep the Democratic operatives at bay.

On a conference call to discuss the group, it became readily apparent the Palin Truth Squad would also be tasked with combating sexist comments against Palin.

Palin Truth Squad Chair and former Massachusetts governor Jane Swift said their gorup was need to "combat this stream of insults" being waged against Palin.

Swift took particular issue with Obama's "disgraceful comments" where he compared Palin to a pig. (Hugh has them up above). At a campaign event earlier that afternoon Obama said McCain-Palin don't represent change. "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig,” Obama said seemingly referring to Palin's remarks at the Republican National Convention about the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull. (Lipstick.)

"Senator Obama owes Governor Palin an apology," she said.

(I should note that MSM Reporters on the call asked several Swift several questions indicating they did not believe Obama was referencing Palin when he made the lipstick on a pig comment and that this was a common political phrase.)

Swift also commented on Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden's comments about Palin being "good looking," Obama Finance Chair Howard Gutman attacking Palin's ability to mother her children and Obama Spokesman Mark Bubriski's email that called Palin a Nazi sympathizer.

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