Are Khalid al Mansour and Obama Friends?

Posted: Aug 26, 2008 12:45 PM
Civil rights activist Percy Sutton said he was solicited by a man named Dr. Khalid al Mansour to send a letter of reccomendation on behalf of Barack Obama to help him gain acceptance to Harvard many years ago. (This video and transcript is at the bottom of the post),

But who is Khalid al Mansour and how did he know Barack Obama? A cursory search on Youtube turns up several controversial clips, in the vein of Obama's longtime friend and former pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright. One of these videos is more than an hour long, but I am going to post here before I watch/transcribe everything in the interest in getting this into the hands of other bloggers who may know who this guy is. Here's what I found:

#1 video video, uploaded by someone named IslamStudios, al Mansour opines on how white Jews and black Jews look:

#2 video, uploaded by  MuslimbyChoice:

#3 video, uploaded by IslamStudios and titled "Christians Designed Discrimination:"

Here is the video of Sutton saying al Mansour asked him to help Obama.

In the above video Sutton says: "I was introduced to him by a friend who was raising money for him and the friends name was Dr. Khalid al Mansour from Texas. He is the principle adviser to one of the world's richest men. He told me about Obama. He wrote to me about him and his introduction was 'there is  a young man that has applied to Harvard and I know that you have a few friends left there becasue you used to go up there to speak, would you please write a letter in support of him?'...I wrote a letter in support of him to my friends at Harvard saying ot them I thought there was a genius that was going to be available and I sure hoped they would treat him kindly."