Kennedy DNC Segment

Posted: Aug 25, 2008 9:18 PM
I'm going to live blog this portion of the convention.

Opening: Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg isn't giving a barn burner speech. Michelle will look/sound a lot better by comparison tonight. This whole thing seems a little off because of the Clinton-Obama subtext. The rumors this was thrown together to distract from interparty drama is well, distracting.

Video segment honoring Sen. Kennedy:
Lots of footage of him sailing with his family.(There's an elitist criticism to make here, but I'm not going to be the one to do it against a guy who is dying before our eyes.) The whole thing is more uplifting than tear-jerker. For some reason there's an infomercial-ish feel to it, though. I like the flashback to when Kennedy endorsed Obama in the primaries because was such an electric moment last spring. 

Kennedy's "surprise" appearance: He doesn't look like himself, which is sad. Joe Bifen's wife, Jill, looks like she's going to cry. Maria Shriver is crying. Kennedy says Obama is the one to deliver "decent, quality health care that is a fundamental right, not a privilege!" (A dig at Hillary???) Says Obama will "close the book" on racism, sexism and "straight against gay."

MSNBC's Chris Matthews closing analysis of the speech? "We have seen a Kennedy grow old." Ouch. That's not flattering.