Communist Paper Supports Obama

Posted: Aug 13, 2008 10:27 AM

A Communist newspaper is supporting Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama for president, praising his ability to “unite the working class” and eviscerate racism.

 People’s Weekly World/Neustro Mundo made their announcement in an editorial titled “Eye on the Prize.” The piece argues, while Obama “is not a left candidate,” he is the best candidate to advance the kind of “progressive change” the Communist Party seeks.

 The editors of PWW/NM declared: “If Obama’s candidacy represented nothing more than the spark for this profound initiative to unite the working class and defeat the pernicious influence of racism, it would be a transformative candidacy that would advance progressive politics for the long term.”

The editorial was originally published on July 15 and reprinted online at the Communist Party USA’s website.

PWW/NM is a direct descendent of the Daily Worker, a paper published by Communist Party USA.