Veepstakes Watch

Posted: Aug 05, 2008 5:47 PM
Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is doing a surrogate conference call on energy for John McCain now. I'm going to blog it as it goes.

Pawlenty:" Senator Obama has just misunderstood and underappreciated this [energy] crisis." Promotes McCain's Lexington Project and support for the gas tax holiday. Bashes Obama on offshore. Says "It's unclear what his commitment is to offshore drilling."

Says Obama is "is now scrambling to make up for his lack of judgment and experience for dealing with this [energy crisis]" and "the icon of the tire pressure gauge is important."  It shows "lack of a comprehensive energy plan the country needs." Concludes, "I don't think he [Obama] has a compass when it comes to these issues."

On leadership: "Rather than talking about tire gauges he should be putting his energy into using his relationship with Democratic leaders of Congress like Nancy Pelosi to get Congress to reconvene" and work on energy.