NYT Joins Forces with MSNBC

Posted: May 05, 2008 4:18 PM
If you thought the New York Times and MSNBC were biased just wait until their joint-television show debuts!

This is from the Observer:
The Times and MSNBC are joining forces for a new cable show. Today is the debut of The New York Times Special Primary Edition, a new political show hosted by John Harwood where Times-journos will handicap the election. From a Times memo, it appers these shows will appear as specials--that is, they won't run every week, but whenever MSNBC and the paper choose to do it.
I wonder if this means the reporters I wrote about HERE will be regularly teaming up with the likes of Chris Matthews, David Gregory, Dan Abrams and Keith Olbermann. i can only imagine what kind of "Worst Person in the World" list an Olbermann/NYT alliance would come up with. I expect all they'd have to do is google Republican and see which names come up first.

Update: I'm watching MSNBC right now and the NYT's Frank Rich, who equates the Hagee-McCain connection as equivalent to Obama-Wright, is on talking with Tim Russert.

Rich is saying Obama shouldn't be judged on the "battier" things Wright said. Now they are talking about Hagee. Rich notes McCain solicited Hagee's endorsement and hasn't disowned Hagree yet. Rich says President Bush is a bigger "impediment" to McCain than Wright is to Obama in a general election. I guess this is the kind of valuable analysis we can expect the NYT to lend MSBC the rest of the election season...

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