The Abortion Hoax Continued

Posted: Apr 18, 2008 2:38 PM
Ok, so the abortion art thing wasn't really all a hoax. The so-called art student just doesn't know if she successfully aborted any babies or not.

The university said she was only trying to provoke controversy for a creative fiction projects, but Aliza Shvarts says that's not true. She wrote a piece HERE to explain.

In it, Shvarts states, "For the past year, I performed repeated self-induced miscarriages."

Apparently, Miss Shvarts attempted to artificially inseminate herself and induce abortions, but isn't sure if it worked or not, according to the Yale Daily News.

I don't know how she wouldn't know this. I can only guess she skipped her human anatomy classes to spend extra time in the art room.

The story says, "Shvarts reiterated Thursday that she repeatedly use a needleless syringe to insert semen into herself. At the end of her menstrual cycle, she took abortifacient herbs to induce bleeding, she said. She said she does not know whether or not she was ever pregnant. No one can say with 100-percent certainty that anything in the piece did or did not happen."

Shvartz explains in her op-ed the sort of psychobabble you'd expect from a Yale art student who experiments with abortion for fun: "It is the intention of this piece to destabilize the locus of that authorial act, and in doing so, reclaim it from the heteronormative structures that seek to naturalize it."