Obama is Loving This One

Posted: Apr 09, 2008 3:52 PM
The Center for Public Integrity has video of former Wal-Mart board member Hillary  Clinton praising the superstore in 1991  with the founder and CEO Sam Walton.

The CPI website has footage of Hillary saying, "I'm so proud of this company, and everything it represents. Anytime I travel and I tell people I’m from Arkansas . . . Wal-Mart’s on top of the list, and everybody wants me to tell them about Wal-Mart and Sam Walton and Helen Walton and all of the Wal-Mart associates. It makes me feel real good about what we’re able to do and what we can show and the sort of leadership we’re given.”

She even leads the countdown for the ribbon-cutting for the re-opening of one of their stores.

I'm waiting for two things to happen because of this: One, how quickly John Edwards gives Obama his superdelegate endorsement and two, how long it takes the Clinton campaign to unveil a video of Obama clapping and singing along to some anti-American, racist rant in Rev. Wright's church.