Empowering Citizens Through Concealed Carry Training

Posted: May 03, 2013 7:30 AM

Jason Hanson’s concealed carry academy is teaching citizens nationwide how to defend themselves. Alicia Powe gets the scoop for Townhall Magazine.


Have you ever felt your heart pounding after hearing a strange bump in the night or felt uncomfortable with the guys hanging out near your local playground? If your front door is suddenly kicked in at 3:00 a.m. and criminals rushed into your house, would you know exactly what to do?

Jason R. Hanson, a former CIA officer and owner and founder of the Concealed Carry Academy, has shown men and women all over the nation how to protect their families from a deadly home invasion, safely handle a firearm and carry a concealed handgun in 35 states.

“There are few things in life as important as being able to protect yourself and your loved ones,” Hanson told Townhall.

“A police officer, if you are lucky, will get to your house in nine minutes. If there is a home invasion or any attack, nine minutes can be very quick. In some other places, it may take half an hour or more. Since the police officers can’t be there to save you, we have got to protect ourselves, and a gun is the best way to do it.”

Hanson spent six years with the CIA and was trained in almost every self-defense skill ranging from shooting to evasive driving. As a CIA officer, he says, he took his self-defense training and knowledge for granted, only later realizing how many people lack basic understanding of how to defend themselves.

“I realized there was a huge need to share with people my CIA ‘secrets’ so they could protect themselves and their loved ones in these unstable times,” he said.

He eventually founded the Concealed Carry Academy, which specializes in concealed carry training.

The academy offers an online course to get a concealed carry permit and fulfills the training requirements for Virginia and Arizona. Combined, these two permits allow holders to carry concealed in up to 35 states, which inspires people from all over the nation to take his course. Topics covered in the online Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience class include choosing the best gun for self-defense, situational awareness, ammunition concerns and training on how to handle home invasions.

Hanson also teaches a class in person, called Spy Escape and Evasion, where he trains gun carriers in skills usually reserved for CIA and FBI training. The course offers advanced training in how to become a human lie detector, how to quickly escape from multiple types of restraints like zip ties, duct tape, rope and even handcuffs, how to create an improvised weapon and much more.

“We shoot about 500 rounds in a single day, covering all different positions: knee ranges, lying on your back, all the positions you may find yourself in one day,” Hanson said. “If you are trying to escape an attacker and you trip and fall, or if someone is invading your home, you will need to know what to do.”

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