NAACP President Agrees To, Then Runs Away From Townhall Interview

Posted: Apr 12, 2013 2:14 PM

Former members of the NAACP protested the NAACP last week, claiming the organization “is a non-profit organization, yet an arm of the Democrat party”, “is the new KKK” that “no longer stands for civil rights” and “supports the killing of black babies” through their sponsorship of Planned Parenthood and the distribution of a deadly abortifacient Depo-Provera.

Townhall contacted the National Headquarters of the NAACP and its Washington, D.C. branch office to speak with spokesperson or Ben Jealous, the President and CEO of the organization, for comments regarding these claims. They never returned our calls or responded to our email.

We caught up with Jealous at an immigration rally on Capitol Hill Wednesday. At first, Jealous graciously agreed to an interview.

“We can do it right now,” Jealous said. He turned to his assistant and said he wanted to do the interview with Townhall. Jealous’ assistant looked at the Townhall mic and replied, “No, we have to go to another event.” As Jealous started to head away, we asked him if he’d like to refute the accusations made by the former members of the NAACP.

“No,” he exclaimed, hastily walked while his assistant again insisted he had to hurry for another “event.”

“If the claims are ridiculous or not true, why won’t you talk to us for at least one minute?” Townhall asked.

“He is not doing the interview,” his assistant said.

We followed Jealous, and he stopped at least four times to give interviews and take pictures with other media outlets, and each time we neared him, he quickly walked away.