Juanita Broaddrick Torches Debra Katz & Co. for Supporting Hillary, Prepping Inauguration Outfits Before Even Voting

Posted: Sep 23, 2018 11:44 AM
Juanita Broaddrick Torches Debra Katz & Co. for Supporting Hillary, Prepping Inauguration Outfits Before Even Voting

In 2016, attorneys Debra Katz and Lisa Banks were preparing to buy white pantsuits as "a sign of solidarity" with Hillary Clinton on her potential presidential inauguration day. Katz believed that Clinton spoke for all women, from the early suffragists to modern-day feminists. But, one woman she most definitely does not speak for is Juanita Broaddrick. Broaddrick has long claimed that President Bill Clinton raped her and has routinely questioned why Hillary Clinton continues to support her husband. Given that Katz and Banks have been in the news all week defending their client Professor Christine Blasey Ford's sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Broaddrick is calling out what she says is a "double standard" and the "most flagrant and glaring form of hypocrisy." 

During the presidential election of 2016, Professor Christine Blasey Ford's legal team sat in awe of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as she boldly wore white pantsuits at campaign events. This choice of clothing appeared to be a nod to the early suffragists who adopted white as their uniting color. Other Clinton supporters around the nation embraced this outfit as well. According to the New York Times,  during the election, "a grass-roots movement on social media" was "urging women to #WearWhiteToVote in solidarity with the American suffragists, who...fought for what has now come (at least partly) to fruition: the first woman as a major party’s candidate for president."

The grassroots effort originally started when Hillary Clinton "wore an ivory Ralph Lauren pantsuit to accept her nomination at the Democratic National Convention" but thousands of supporters truly began promoting the white pantsuit idea after Clinton wore one in the third presidential debate of that year. 

While at a debate watching party, Katz and her friends were stunned and empowered by Clinton for donning such a piece of clothing. “She looked so powerful and smashing,” Ms. Katz said of Mrs. Clinton according to the NYT, “and there was this sense she was speaking for all of us.”

And her legal partner Lisa Banks had similar feelings. “It started as fun and moved into having all this meaning, both historic and cultural,” said Banks. 

The two were so excited for what they thought was a surefire win for their candidate that they began outfit hunting for the inauguration even before they voted for Clinton. 

As the NYT article says, "Ms. Banks said she and her friends planned to find white suits to wear to the inauguration if Mrs. Clinton is elected. They are hoping that Ralph Lauren might provide some options, but if not, well, given the demand, there is little doubt someone else will."

Likewise, Katz remarked that she had “never actually bought a piece of clothing specifically for an inauguration. I went to Obama’s second inauguration but was mostly concerned with not being cold. This is a new thing.”

Of course, that inauguration never happened. Candidate Donald J. Trump defeated Katz and Banks' preferred presidential choice. Now, they are leading the legal fight to block his second Supreme Court nominee from the High Court. They, along with elected Democratic officials, have accused Republicans of "bullying" their client. But, Broaddrick argues that the true bully is Hillary Clinton and the attorneys are hypocrites.

"Debra Katz and Lisa Banks praised and supported a woman who enabled her husband, Bill Clinton, to get away with sexually assaulting and raping women for years. I know, because I am one of the women Hillary Clinton threatened and harassed," Broaddrick said in a statement given to Townhall. "Now, they support and defend Christine Ford's sketchy and vague sexual assault allegations against a decent and honorable man, Brett Kavanaugh. This double standard behavior by Katz and Banks is the most flagrant and glaring form of hypocrisy."

Broaddrick alleges that Bill Clinton raped her in 1978 when he was Arkansas' Attorney General. Bill Clinton, of course, has encountered numerous allegations of sexual assault, as well as a lewd affair with then-intern Monica Lewinsky among other sexual improprieties. 

But, Broaddrick believes that Hillary is willing to ignore all this because she does not actually care about helping other women. Broaddrick told Townhall that, "Katz and Banks need to know who Hillary Clinton really is, if they don't already.  Yes, she is for women's rights, but for one woman only and that's herself."

Likewise, she also wondered how the attorneys can "align with a woman, who for years, enabled a sexual predator husband and then turn around and disparage a fine man like Brett Kavanaugh?"

"It is reprehensible," she added. 

"I hope someday they will realize what a disservice they have done to our next appointment to the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, and apologize to him, but I won't hold my breath." 

Broaddrick also hinted to Townhall that there will be some sort of legal action against Hillary in the near future. "[Katz and Banks] might consider putting on their white pantsuits and joining Hillary's legal team because I have a feeling she is going to be needing a lot of legal help in the coming months."