WATCH: Dana Loesch Seeks Apology from Anti-Gun Advocate Shannon Watts

Posted: Apr 28, 2014 6:33 PM

Blaze TV host Dana Loesch and Moms Demand Action head Shannon Watts are not exactly on friendly terms. After Loesch tore apart the tactics used in ABC’s Young Guns special, Watts falsely accused Loesch of being paid by both the National Rifle Association and Magpul.

During the 2014 NRA Convention in Indianapolis Saturday, Loesch located Watts rallying with anti-gun advocates and asked for an apology:

“Shannon, would you like to clarify or retract when you said I was a paid employee of Magpul?” Loesch can be heard asking numerous times in the video. Loesch also asked about the accusations that she is being paid by the gun lobby and if Watts speaks for all moms or just those that support gun control.

In the background, Loesch’s producer can be heard accusing Watts’ security of being “physical” and Loesch told TheBlaze they were bumping her out of the way. The full video includes Loesch saying her attempted interview was in response to a media request by Watts’ PR firm.

The bad blood between the two personalities took center stage earlier this year when Watts sent numerous Tweets trying to get ABC to pull the plug on Loesch guest hosting ”The View.” She also retweeted messages calling Loesch a “pro-gun extremist,” “hate monger,” and “gun bully

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though Watts will retract her false statements anytime soon. In fact, she is even back to her old Tweet game: