Watered-down Commentary

Posted: Feb 15, 2013 11:30 AM

It's not unusual for the liberal media to mock the views of conservatives. However, this is just getting ridiculous.

During Marco Rubio's response to President Obama's recent State of the Union, he made the apparently fatal mistake of taking a sip of water.

Being called the new "Watergate," liberal media immediately jumped on the opportunity to mock this rising star in the the Republican party.

Sure, maybe it was somewhat awkward and perhaps even funny - but MSNBC replayed the video 155 times! I don't care what it is - nothing is THAT funny.

Steven Colbert also jumped on the bandwagon, creating his own rendition of Rubio's response.


Did they make fun of his traditional Republican views? No. Did they rebuff his criticisms of the Obama administration? No. Did they denounce his attempt to distance himself from Romney? No. (Note how all these links include mention of the "water incident.")

Well, if taking a sip of water is the only thing that the media can mock about the conservative response, then I'd say we're doing pretty well.