Watch: Antifa Tells White Member He's a Racist

Micah Rate
Posted: Sep 28, 2017 11:00 AM
Watch: Antifa Tells White Member He's a Racist

Warning Graphic Language

Leave it to Antifa to show how leftism and progressivism are truly self-defeating ideologies.

Beverly Hills Antifa, a parody account posing as a legitimate Antifa faction, tweeted video footage showing what appears to be a Hispanic, female Antifa member criticizing a White, male Antifa member for not doing "the work." By the sound of it, the guy hasn't punched enough Nazis. "Punch a Nazi, stop being performative," the unidentified girl says.

Of course, the other Antifa member is offended by her remarks and tries to advocate for himself by saying he has fought people. "I was here last time! I f***ing fought people all day long!" he exclaims.

Apparently, figuratively "smashing the fash" doesn't count. And even if you have "smashed the fash," you're still part of the problem because you're white.

What the young woman says next is stunning. As her brother in anti-fascism and violence walks away, she screams, "You're still white. You're still responsible. This is your fault. You're inherently racist. It's in your blood. It's in your DNA."

Video below:

Warning Graphic Language

Whether it be criticizing its own members for being white or advocating against fascism through promoting its own violence and attempts to silence speech it disagrees with, Antifa is made up of leftist punks who don't recognize their own cognitive dissonance. This isn't the first time leftists have turned on one another in the name of social justice. Let's hope it continues because if Antifa ceased to exist tomorrow, we'd be all better off.