ICYMI: Anti-Gunners Vandalized A Top NRA Official's Home

Posted: Apr 25, 2018 4:18 PM

So, in the Left’s war against the National Rifle Association, some tried to take the war home to its top people. Chris Cox, the head of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Affairs, its lobbying arm, found his house plastered with fake blood. His wife’s business has also been targeted. The harassment has been going on for quote some time (via WaPo):

National Rifle Association lobbyist Chris Cox says his house was splashed with fake blood — twice.

Then, someone made a fake website for his wife’s interior design business, altering images of artwork to show photos of child gun-violence victims.

Last week, two gun-control activists protested outside Cox’s Alexandria, Va., home and handed out fliers outside his wife’s nearby business.

“Mr. and Mrs. Cox have been targeted over the past few months by repeated acts of criminal and unlawful conduct, including having their home vandalized on two occasions,” Elizabeth Locke, attorney for the Cox family, said in a statement. “These coordinated tactics have crossed the line of civility and human decency.”

An attorney for Patricia Hill, the alleged vandal, did not immediately provide a comment regarding the fake-blood incidents. The other protesters say they have been careful not to cross legal lines and knew nothing of the vandalism. They are all part of a growing movement that insists gun-control advocacy should be more aggressive — and more personal.

Amanda Gailey, from Nebraska, and Catherine Koebel, from southwestern Virginia, met through gun-control-activist circles and connected over agreement that the movement has been too timid. Calling themselves “The Great American Gun Melt,” they want to pull gun-control politics to the left with more radical action.

Now, Hill is facing misdemeanor destruction of property charges (via AP):

Protesters are targeting the northern Virginia home of the National Rifle Association’s top lobbyist and say the protests will continue.

In one case, court records show Patricia Hill of Lincoln, Nebraska, has been charged with misdemeanor destruction of property outside the home of NRA lobbyist Chris Cox.

Alexandria Police spokeswoman Crystal Nosal said Friday there were two separate incidents stretching back to last fall.

A court hearing has been scheduled for May 21.

Now, Mr. Cox, the NRA, and the rest of the gun rights movement should have expected this, and I bet they did. The NRA, which is one of the oldest civil rights organizations in the country, is vilified to no end by the news media. It doesn’t make it okay, however. 

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Pat Buchanan

Now, as for Amanda Gailey and Catherine Koebel, the two women who just hold signs outside his home, it’s their right to do that. Their push to yank the gun control movement further to the left is annoying. But it’s not a massive protest, and there’s a silver lining. If anything, these women are doing their part in filling the NRA’s coffers. It’s the cumulative effect. Recently, the organization had its best month in fundraising in 15 years. So, keep vandalizing, keep acting like crazy people. You’re getting the gun rights base more motivated to vote in 2018. The Left peddling full-blown gun confiscation. Let’s see how that works out.