Reid On Romney Smear: ‘I Did What Was Necessary’

Matt Vespa
Posted: Dec 28, 2016 8:30 PM
Reid On Romney Smear: ‘I Did What Was Necessary’

Well, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) is certainly making the most of his exit. He thinks that Congress shouldn’t give a waiver to Gen. James Mattis to serve as our next defense secretary. He also has no regrets over his shameless smear of Mitt Romney during the 2012 election, where he told Nevada Public Radio that he did what was necessary:

Caller Ryan wanted to know if the “brazen lie” he told about Mitt Romney not paying his taxes has in anyway contributed to the fake news we now find ourselves in:

First of all Ryan, there were no brazen lies what I said was the truth. Mitt Romney has refused and still refuses to show us his tax returns. He gave us the main part of two tax returns. This is when he is running for president. That is not a true sign of what he had done.

The guess the new plan we have to look at is Donald Trump, who shows us nothing. Prior to Trump it was standard procedure going back many, many decades that presidential candidates would give us 10 years of tax returns. Mitt Romney has never done that.

So, there was no brazen lies. I did what was necessary. He fought even giving those two years that were meaningless because he was already running for president and all of his financial dealings where he became an extremely wealthy man. We were unable to see any of that. You can brand it anyway you like but it was no brazen lies, it was the truth.

No, it wasn’t, Harry. Even The Washington Post gave you four Pinocchios for lying about Romney not paying his taxes over a 10-year period. We know you know. And we know you’re not sorry about it. That’s why we’re so happy to see you go. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

(H/T Weekly Standard)