Chuck Todd: It Sounds Like Jill Stein Was Talked Into This Recount Effort

Posted: Nov 27, 2016 6:35 PM
Chuck Todd: It Sounds Like Jill Stein Was Talked Into This Recount Effort

Chuck Todd’s Meet The Press seemed pretty convinced that the recount effort by the Green Party’s Jill Stein was spawned because she was talked into it, not because she’s worried about the integrity of our elections being in peril over shoddy claims of hacking:

“Almost guilting her, ‘Hey, the margin, the margin of victory,’ a lot of Clintonites like to point out the margin of victory in Michigan and in Wisconsin would be made up if all Stein voters had voted Clinton,” which drew an eyeroll from the host.

Todd then directed his next line of inquiry to NBC senior political editor Mark Murray, asking why is this happening. Murray responded that the Clinton campaign had nothing to do with it, but now that it’s happening—they’re going to join the effort to support their voters who are still “fired up” over the former first lady’s upset loss to Donald Trump.

Stein has already raised more money for this clown show than she did for her entire presidential race. She can fully fund recount efforts in two states. Yet, The New York Times reported that she’d have to challenge the Pennsylvania results in court, as the deadline to file a recount has passed. 

This is a joke, folks. And while the Clinton campaign may be not involved, the fact that they’re getting involved now—even though they saw no solid evidence for them to actually file a recount petition on their own, just reeks of opportunism at worst and the actual peddlers of this circus (for the sake of argument) at best. Yes, Stein has shot off various tweets slamming the Clinton campaign for hopping on the recount bandwagon. But she has to know that the only person who gains to benefit from a different result would be Clinton, right? So far, there’s no evidence that any hacking ever occurred. The Obama administration even said that the results of the election reflect the will of the people, and that there was no unusual cyber activity that would suggest hacking from outside sources.

In an election, often times the other side wins; Democrats and liberals seem to be having trouble swallowing that fact.

(H/T Mediaite)