Shut Up, Bro: Tim Kaine Interrupted Mike Pence Over 70 Times

Posted: Oct 05, 2016 12:30 PM
Shut Up, Bro: Tim Kaine Interrupted Mike Pence Over 70 Times

Well, if there was one thing that was obvious, besides Gov. Mike Pence winning the vice presidential debate, it was that Sen. Tim Kaine had an appalling inability to shut the hell up. Pence won handily over Kaine, who often waffled as he tried to attack Trump—and place pressure on Pence to defend his running mate’s past remarks. Pence didn’t take the bait. Yet, it seemed as if every time Pence offered a contrary opinion, or his take on policy, Kaine interrupted him. It was pervasive. Then again, when you're defending Clinton, one might have to interrupt often in the hopes of muddying the delivery.

After all, there’s plenty of ammunition for Pence to use against Clinton concerning her emails, Benghazi, her failure as our top diplomat, and the Clinton Foundation—all of which has kept this race closer than originally projected. Trump is weak as well, though he never was investigated by the FBI, never put state secrets in jeopardy by using an unsecure and unauthorized server, and didn’t help institute a foreign policy that brought even more instability than Bush’s venture in Iraq. Don’t get me wrong: Dubya is probably the greatest living president (of course, this is my opinion), though there is plenty of criticism for how his administration handled the Iraq War. But getting back to the debate, FiveThirtyEight noted that Kaine interrupted Pence over 70 times. Let’s say that this isn’t the best way to influence undecided voters.

70 times—team Clinton was pretty dead set on making sure no attacks on Clinton could be effectively be articulated. They tried and failed since Pence was able to get some valid points across during the debate. Maybe it’s an indication that she really is that bad. Yes, Trump has his issues, but old, sick Hillary is far worse.