Local Sheriff's Deputy Lucky To Be Alive After Getting Punched And Shot During Traffic Stop

Posted: Dec 22, 2015 8:15 PM
Local Sheriff's Deputy Lucky To Be Alive After Getting Punched And Shot During Traffic Stop

Via WPTV, a local Florida police officer is lucky to be alive after being punched and shot by a suspect, who was pulled over during a traffic stop. Indian River County Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher Lester has been released from the hospital after being shot in the leg by Andrew Coffee. The news outlet reported that Lester pulled over Coffee for not having a tag on his scooter. The dash cam shows Lester asking Coffee to place his hands on the hood of his police vehicle.

“Ah! Don’t–don’t go reaching into anything. Just go right on the hood. Hands right on the hood” ordered Lester.

As Lester puts his hands on the hood of Lester’s car, the deputy approaches Coffee, who quickly jerks away, wanting to know what’s the problem.

In a tense few seconds, Coffee continues to ask Lester what’s the problem before punching him in the face and drawing a handgun concealed under his jacket. He shoots Lester, who was was able to return fire, hitting Coffee in the leg and torso. WPTV says he’s still in the hospital recovering from those wounds.

Coffee is a convicted felon. He served time in prison for an attempted murder charge back in 1993. We don’t know how he was able to obtain a firearm, but it probably was part of how this situation escalated; Lester seems to have been in the process of either searching him or placing him under arrest, where the firearms would have been found.

Investigators say Lester was shot Friday morning by Andrew Coffee.

The incident happened during a traffic stop. Investigators say Coffee was pulled over because he had no tag on his scooter.


Sheriff Deryl Loar says coffee tried to kill the 26 year old deputy after he pulled Coffee over. The deputy was shot in the leg.

"As he knocked the deputy down and sucker punched, he continued to stand over him and attempted to end his life," Loar said.


"It reminds us of the dangers that are faced everyday in law enforcement. It is a war on the streets and I'm sick of it," Loar said.

(H/T The Blaze)