ICYMI: A Native American Artist Drew A Picture Of A Beheaded Scott Walker

Matt Vespa
Posted: Aug 22, 2015 3:36 PM
ICYMI: A Native American Artist Drew A Picture Of A Beheaded Scott Walker

So, Trey Sanchez of Truth Revolt found this awful picture that was posted on an environmentalist group’s Facebook page. Stay classy, liberals (via Truth Revolt):

Native American artist Jodi Webster created a piece of "art" that depicts a young girl in a traditional jingle dress carrying a large bloody knife in one hand and the severed head of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in the other. Behind her is a young boy with a 2016 presidential campaign sign that reads, "I Stand with Scott Walker."

Now, a member of an environmental group is sharing this disturbing image on a Wisconsin-based environmental group called Citizens Preserving the Penokee Hills Heritage Park, who protests mines in the area.

The picture was posted onto the group’s site on August 9.

This picture is disgusting, and given that we’ve had presidential candidates assassinated on the campaign trail in the past; it also makes this drawing widely inappropriate. Nevertheless, while Ms. Webster has the right to do this, it doesn't make it any less deplorable.

On her website, Ms. Webster says:

“My intentions in creating works are to enlighten the perceptions of Native people as well as positively promote women and children. By highlighting my own heritage within my work, I hope to make others aware of the distinct cultural beauty represented by each of the various 566 tribal identities.”

So, a beheaded Scott Walker is meant to “enlighten” us about Native American people? I don’t see it.

This drawing is in the same taste as Gabriel Range's 2006 film, “Death of A President, which depicts the fictional assassination of then-President George W. Bush. Of course, the film’s content was highly controversial. Regal and Cinemark refused to release the British film, with CNN and National Public Radio not even considering advertising it on their respective networks.

Then-Sen. Hillary Clinton described the film as “despicable” at the time.