Since Obama, America Has Moved Towards The Right

Posted: Feb 08, 2015 2:30 PM
Since Obama, America Has Moved Towards The Right

Editor's note: WHOOPS! Original post had "America has gravitated towards the left." I meant to say right. Sorry for the Vox-esque error folks.

Since the 2008 election, America has gravitated more towards the right. The most reliably Democratic and Republican states are Rhode Island and Wyoming. Yet, Philip Bump at the Washington Post said this isn’t necessarily an accurate predictor for election results, noting that more Democratic-leaning states voted more heavily for Romney; he was using Gallup’s 2012 partisanship breakdown numbers.

Using the same numbers, he found a 21.8 percentage point advantage for Democrats in Maryland on the partisanship scale, but a Republican, Larry Hogan, is now their governor. Martha Coakley from deep-blue Massachusetts was beaten again in a statewide race; she lost the gubernatorial election to now-Republican Gov. Charlie Baker.

Lastly, there was one state that went in the opposite direction; Alaska has shifted towards the left ever since Sarah Palin left office. Go figure.