New Ad: Barack Obama Is A Great Boyfriend, But Terrible With Keeping Promises

Posted: Sep 26, 2014 7:45 PM

So, you have probably heard of Americans For Prosperity, but what about Americans for Shared Prosperity?

Earlier this week, this non-profit released their first ad where a woman describes President Obama as the perfect boyfriend, who pretty much ruined everything.

Here’s their press release:

“In developing a new ad series that takes aim at the "War on Women" in a new way, we asked women to step back from politics, and tell us what really motivates them,” stated John Jordan, president of Americans For Shared Prosperity. “Neither Republicans nor Democrats have gotten it right, and you wouldn't be shocked that women told us they were worried about jobs, the economy, education, national security, and yes, the legacy of broken promises by the Obama Administration.”

“Just like any other American, women come from different backgrounds and different experiences that all influence how they determine and make political decisions. Not surprisingly, women care deeply about many different issues that affect their lives and their families, and for too long Democrats have wrongly believed they can reduce women and treat them as a single-issue voting bloc.

A Democratic pollster said that such tactics turns off women, calling them politically cheap and divisive; a majority of them think this narrative is merely a "political gimmick."

Will this ad resonate or be another demonstration of overreach? We shall see, but it will surely drive some liberals indiscriminately insane.