MRCTV Discovers That People Care About Migrant Children...To A Point

Posted: Jul 31, 2014 9:30 AM

As the border crisis continues, migrant children are being relocated to cities all over the country, as they wait on their day in court for immigration processing. Some places simply cannot absorb them.

Earlier this week, MRCTV’s Dan Joseph ventured onto the streets of Alexandria, Virginia to see if compassionate Virginians support having some these unaccompanied minors transferred to the state.

In the video, Joseph has a clipboard with a petition to bring the children here. Some Virginia residents support the idea wholeheartedly, but balked when Joseph offered them another petition asking them to house one of the children in their homes.

One guy said he had to discuss this with his fiancé. Another man said it wouldn’t work because he lives with his mom.

So, when it comes to people supporting a more relaxed immigration policy, they don’t mind if illegal immigrants come to the U.S.; they just don’t want to give them food or shelter.