North Korean Propaganda Video Shows Simulated Attack on US

Posted: Apr 27, 2017 3:30 PM

A North Korean propaganda video released Thursday shows a simulated attack on the United States, with a caption that reads “the enemy to be destroyed is in our sights.”

The Washington Post reports

A North Korean website, Meari, or Echo, released a video showing photos of the White House and aircraft carriers with a target on them, as if they are in the crosshairs.

It then showed simulated footage of an aircraft carrier exploding into flames, with the caption: “When the enemy takes the first step toward provocation and invasion.”

The 2½ -minute video included scenes from the huge military parade that North Korea organized April 15 to mark the anniversary of the birth of the state’s founder, Kim Il Sung. It also showed footage of North Korean artillery and missile launches.

Against the backdrop of missile launches, the caption read: “We will show you what a strong country that leads the world in nuclear and missile technology is capable of.”

The video comes after U.S. senators attended a classified White House briefing Wednesday in which they were warned that the rogue regime’s nuclear and missile program posed “an urgent national security threat.”

U.S. warships are in the region as a show of force.

North Korea has not only been ramping up its bombastic rhetoric lately, it also vowed to launch missile tests every week and said an “all-out war” was a possibility if the U.S. took military action against Pyongyang.

On Tuesday, North Korea also conducted a “large-scale artillery drill” with up to 400 artillery pieces.