White House Takes Childish Swipe at Fox News During SOTU Luncheon

Posted: Jan 21, 2015 1:45 PM

From President Obama repeatedly blaming Fox News for his failures to former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney openly mocking the news organization, the administration’s hostility toward the network has always been rather conspicuous.

Tuesday’s annual State of the Union lunch proved to be no different.

Fox News’ Shepard Smith explains:

“I sat next to Brian Williams, and we all had these place cards, and his said ‘Brian Williams, NBC News,’” Smith explained. “And across from me was David Muir – the new guy on ABC — it said ‘David Muir, ABC News.’”

“And I looked at mine, and it doesn’t say anything about news,” he continued, holding up the place card. “It just says ‘Fox.’ And I looked at [Fox anchor] Bret Baier’s, and it said, ‘Bret Baier, Fox.’ And all the rest of them said news.”

“I mean I don’t care, lunch was great,” Smith said. “But I guess, message received? I think Bret and I are good to go with the news part.”

What an incredibly petty move. But then again, how many of us are really surprised?