Obamacare Deadline: Even One Glitch Is Too Many

Kevin Glass
Posted: Nov 30, 2013 8:53 AM
Obamacare Deadline: Even One Glitch Is Too Many
December 1 is the day that President Obama self-imposed a deadline to have a key cog in Obamacare, the federal exchange website, fixed. The actual requirement has been a moving target, but one of the most-quoted stipulations is to have the site working for "the vast majority of users."

It's unlikely that the tight-lipped Obama Administration will give us total sunlight on the numbers needed to actually analyze this self-imposed deadline, but one thing should be clear. A single person who is unable to obtain insurance to comply with President Obama's mandated goal of maintaining continuous insurance is too many. For a policy that has seen millions kicked off the insurance they enjoyed and onto plans that carry much higher premiums, seeing a single person unable to then purchase insurance is unacceptable.

The federal insurance exchange website is a key cog in the Obamacare machine. While President Obama is right in saying that Obamacare is "more than a website," the entire structure of the system being put into place depends on a functional website. The previous status quo was a result of policy decisions - some of them disastrous - made by politicians, that doesn't lighten the injustice of new policy decisions actively harming the lives of Americans.

Obamacare places a huge amount of importance on maintaining continuous insurance coverage. President Obama's unilateral "enforcement delays" may take the practical pain off of an individual whose insurance was canceled and is unable to re-enroll in a timely manner, but the mere fact that President Obama can't get the infrastructure in place after years of time to prepare and months of "glitches" says a lot about the difficulty of implementing a system as tenuous as Obamacare.