Ted Cruz Reconfirms: I Have "Absolutely Zero" Interest in Being Trump's VP

Posted: Mar 16, 2016 8:45 AM
Ted Cruz Reconfirms: I Have "Absolutely Zero" Interest in Being Trump's VP

During an interview with Salem Radio host Hugh Hewitt Tuesday, GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz reconfirmed he has no interest in becoming Donald Trump's vice presidential candidate should he fail to become the Republican nominee. 

HH: Have you seen the superPAC ad using Donald Trump’s own words spoken by women about women? Have you seen it, Senator Cruz?

TC: I have. It is devastating, I think.

HH: All right, so having that background, those vulnerabilities, and given the extremely negative, harsh, and I believe untrue things that Donald Trump has said about you, would you ever agree to serve as his vice president on a ticket?

TC: I have absolutely zero interest in doing that. Donald Trump loses to Hillary, and the answer, as you know, Hugh, a lot of folks in the Washington establishment, they’re having fevered dreams right now of wanting a brokered convention.

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Based on the results from second Super Tuesday, it's all but inevitable the remaining three GOP candidates will have to fight it out for the nomination at the convention in Cleveland.