Mia Love on The Iran Deal: We're Talking About Kicking a Bomb Down The Road

Posted: Jul 16, 2015 8:30 AM
Mia Love on The Iran Deal: We're Talking About Kicking a Bomb Down The Road

Newly minted Congresswoman Mia Love is speaking out against the White House deal with Iran, saying it's deeply concerning and inappropriate. 

"This is not a joke. This is not a game and it's not even partisan. This isn't even about kicking the can down the road. We're talking about kicking a bomb down the road in the next 15 years and that's incredibly concerning to me," Love said during an interview with Fox News yesterday. "We're going to lift sanctions. We have about $100 billion in escrow ready to hand over to Iran. We would all but pretty much build a bomb for them if we just give them that money. I can't understand how this would be a solution in terms of keeping them away from building a nuclear weapon. It's absolutely out of control and as far as I'm concerned inappropriate for a president to do." 

According to a report from The Hill earlier this week, House Speaker John Boehner is preparing to lead an attack on the Iran deal. However, Republicans would need a number of Democrats to join them in opposition to the deal in order to override an Obama veto. 

Republican leaders in Congress are crafting their attack plan against the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran.

The GOP could seek to move a measure of disapproval, but it will be difficult to win a filibuster-proof 60 votes, much less the 67 required to overcome a presidential veto.

Republicans believe they will win the public relations battle on the deal, which largely unites the GOP and threatens to divide the Democratic Party.

Some Senate Republicans are thinking about moving a motion of approval of the deal, believing it would put Democrats in a tough spot ahead of next year’s elections. Such a move in the upper chamber could lead to less than half of the Senate backing the president, allowing for more favorable headlines for the GOP. The House, however, is more likely to pass a resolution of disapproval.

A third option is to move legislation sponsored by Menendez and Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) placing new sanctions on Iran, which the Banking Committee passed earlier this year and has Democratic support.

The Iranian regime can't be trusted on this deal and neither can President Obama.