WATCH: Woman Who Was Nearly Beheaded By Jihadist in Oklahoma Speaks About Horrifying Experience

Posted: Jun 24, 2015 8:20 AM

Last year at a Vaughan Foods processing plant in Moore, Oklahoma, self radicalized jihadist Alton Nolon beheaded a woman named Colleen Hufford, a grandmother, and attempted to do the same to another. They were his co-workers and he had been recently fired. Nolen was stopped when CEO Mark Vaughan shot him with a rifle on hand. 

Now the woman who survived the attack, Traci Johnson, is speaking out in an interview with Megyn Kelly. She describes the horrific experience and talks about how she was a millimeter away from death.

"He got a millimeter away from my jugular cord," Johnson said. “He started slicing my neck. And got a hold of my face, and got a hold of my right index finger, and wouldn’t stop – and I’m screaming for help and didn’t think anybody was going to come around.”

The FBI is not treating the case as terrorism despite Nolen's Facebook page being full of posts glorifying 9/11 and jihad. 

The full interview will Johnson will air on The Kelly File tonight at 9 pm et.