BREAKING: Judge Rules Dinesh D'Souza Will Not Face Prison Time

Posted: Sep 23, 2014 1:45 PM

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman has sentenced conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza to eight months in a community confinement center and five years probation. D'Souza will not face prison time. What this essentially means:

Community confinement is a condition of probation or supervised release. It involves residence in a halfway house, restitution center, community treatment center, mental health facility, alcohol or drug rehabilitation center, or other community facility. It also includes participation in gainful employment, employment search efforts, vocational training, treatment, community service, educational programs, or similar other facility approved programs during their nonresidential hours. Basically community confinement is imposed as a condition of pre release custody and programming, before serving the last ten percent of the prison sentence. Community confinement is given for a period not exceeding six months.

Federal prosecutors argued D'Souza should have been sentenced to 10-to16 months in prison after pleading guilty in May to one count on federal charges detailed in an indictment accusing him of violating campaign finance laws. 

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