Oof: Tea Party Candidate Set to Take Over Wendy Davis' Senate Seat

Posted: May 29, 2014 1:00 PM

After launching a run for governor last year, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis has been exposed as a fraud and is behind Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott by a significant margin in the polls, despite having support from major national political groups.

Now, tea party candidate Konni Burton, who is proudly endorsed by U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, is set to replace Davis' Senate seat in the Lone Star State. One of Burton's campaign slogans is "Stand with Burton," which seems to be a reference to Davis' infamous pro-abortion filibuster. More from the Washington Examiner:

Republican Konni Burton cruised to an easy victory in Tuesday's primary runoff, garnering 60 percent of the vote against her opponent, former state Rep. Mark Shelton.

Burton is running on a platform that emphasizes fiscal responsibility and school choice. She is also pro-life, in stark contrast to Davis, who rocketed to media fame by filibustering a bill prohibiting late-term abortions. Burton rallied outside the state Capitol in support of Senate Bill 5 at the same time Davis filibustered it in opposition.

Burton will face Democratic nominee Libby Willis in November in Texas Senate District 10, which encompasses Arlington, Colleyville, Fort Worth and Mansfield. The Republican-leaning district has been represented by Davis since 2009.

Texas doesn't seem to be turning so-blue after all.