Obamacare Hates Babies

Posted: Jan 03, 2014 2:05 PM
Obamacare Hates Babies

Obamacare has turned what should be a special time into a nightmare for pregnant women everywhere. Many women who are due to give birth in 2014, had insurance coverage in 2013. On January 1, many of those women's plans were cancelled. Now, they're uninsured. Knowing an insurance gap was coming, some considered getting induced for labor before the Jan. 1 deadline to avoid giving birth without health insurance. The average cost of delivery is $8,000 for women who are uninsured.

Despite being launched nearly three months ago, federal exchanges don't make it easy to regain lost coverage. In fact, the Obama administration has offered a time extension to those having difficulty obtaining insurance through the disastrous Healthcare.gov after losing insurance they were promised they could keep. But simply signing up for new insurance is just one problem. According to NBC News, entering your newly delivered baby into the federal exchanges for health insurance coverage is also a nightmare.

There's another quirk in the Obama administration's new health insurance system: It lacks a way for consumers to quickly and easily update their coverage for the birth of a baby and other common life changes.

With regular private insurance, parents just notify the health plan. Insurers will still cover new babies, the administration says, but parents will also have to contact the government at some point later on.

Right now the HealthCare.gov website can't handle such updates.

And guess what? If people are lucky enough to get their baby onto their new Obamacare plan, it's going to cost them a whole lot more on top of tripled premiums.