Democrat: A Democrat Bashing a Woman's Head in is Totally Irrelevant to the Discussion About Violence Against Women

Posted: Mar 13, 2013 8:40 AM

Yesterday I wrote about Democratic Rep. Jim Moran dodging a question from former American Majority Action Campus Director Celia Bigelow at a town hall meeting in Northern Virginia. Bigelow asked Moran why he's willing to legislate women into being victims and why he isn't pro-choice when it comes to allowing a woman to choose how to best defend herself. His answer was "next question." I also reminded readers of Patrick Moran's (Moran's son) recent guilty plea for bashing his girlfriend's head into a trash can outside of a bar. Patrick worked on his father's re-election campaign. As a reminder, Jim Moran reacted to his son breaking his girlfriend's face by calling the situation "embarrassing."

“Patrick and Kelly are both good kids and I hope their privacy will be respected,” Rep. Moran said in a brief statement. “They look forward to putting this embarrassing situation behind them.”

Last night on Hannity, Democratic Strategist Mo Elleithee brushed off Moran's guilty plea as a "cheap point" that is "irrelevant to the conversation" about women, gun control and self-defense. He then proceeded to say he "didn't know" how women should defend themselves but was happy we were "having an honest conversation" about the matter. Elleithee also tried to change the subject from violence against women to "gun safety." The good stuff starts at 2:49.

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