It's Time To Make America Great Again, Period

Posted: Mar 16, 2016 6:50 AM
It's Time To Make America Great Again, Period

The time has come to admit the truth and coalesce behind the Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.  This is no longer about Republicans or Democrats, moderates or liberals; this is about the existence of America in the world as we know it.  World leaders, politicians, and the media all gave it their best shot to bring down Trump with lies and deception, but they all failed.  

Statistics, polling numbers, and campaign ads in this election cycle are about as useful as professional politicians elected to represent the people in Washington; fabricated falsehoods designed to deceive the American people.

Donald Trump has done what everyone said was impossible, and did it with ease.  

The media and politicians on both sides did their best to drive theories of what Trump couldn't do, as opposed to what he could do.  The people lost trust in the media many years ago, and in return, they have empowered that trust with Donald Trump in only a matter of months.

Trump exposes everything wrong with America.  He allows us to freely discuss the denial of people foreign to our American way from entering this country without fear of public prosecution.  Whether right or wrong, we can openly debate the facts as Americans should.  Trump is not afraid to tell the rest of the world that America is the greatest country on Earth.  He exemplifies what it means to be an American; bold, brave, and unapologetic.  He doesn't just say these things like most politicians do, he believes them.

Trump has world leaders trembling in their shallow shoes.  He represents the echoing sound of the America that once lead the world to outer space, defeated the German and Japanese empires, and laid the foundation for a free people.  

Trump has a fire inside of him that we have not seen in our lifetimes.  He defines patriotism and has laid down everything he holds dear to sacrifice for his country.  He truly loves the American dream and has realized leaving it in the state it's in now would be unsatisfactory for an already storied life.  He wants to do more for his country before time runs out.

Before writing Donald Trump off as the rich businessman from Queens, N.Y., ask yourself, what's best for America?