Peyton Manning Furious With Report

Posted: Dec 28, 2015 11:05 AM
Peyton Manning Furious With Report

Peyton Manning was quick to debunk any truth that he received shipments of human growth hormone in 2011. Someone inside the Guy Institute, which is an anti-aging clinic in Indianapolis, told Al-Jazeera that shipments of HGH were routinely delivered to the Manning home under the name Ashley Manning, Peyton's wife.  

The source later reversed those statements, saying that he was not an actual pharmacist and was only an intern at the Guy Institute in 2013 and did not work there in 2011.  

Manning admitted that he was a patient at the Guy Institute in 2011, but never used any human growth hormone.  

"It makes me sick," Manning said.  "I am not sure I understand how someone can make something up about somebody, I mean, admit that he's made it up, and yet it somehow gets published in a story."

"It's a joke, it's a freaking joke," Manning said.