Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps

Justin Holcomb
Posted: Nov 10, 2015 2:30 PM
Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps

Editor's note: This post was written by our new Web Editor Justin Holcomb.

Today we celebrate the 240th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. Gaining its origin from a small tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1775, the United States Marine Corps is revered as one of the greatest fighting forces in the world. In the beginning, the Continental Marines were a lively bunch, often fighting from atop the masts aboard an outmanned, outgunned, and infant Continental Navy Man O’ War led by John Paul Jones. Because of Jones’s ‘never quit attitude’ along with the patriotic fighting spirit of this new fighting force, the United States achieved its birth.

It was not until June 6, 1918 that the United State Marine Corps would distinguish itself as a relentless fighting force. On this day, the 3rd Battalion 5th Marines led an attack against the German Empire at Belleau Wood, France. Charging a heavily defended wood-line front, the Marines fought viciously. At one point during the engagement, two-time Medal of Honor Recipient Dan Daly rose from the chaos and yelled to his fellow Marines, “Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?” After the Marines achieved victory, rumor has it that the defeated Germans decided to nickname their adversary for their constant aggression in battle, “Teufel Hunden” or “Devil Dogs.” This fighting style has been carried on in every American conflict including that of present day Afghanistan. Always the first to fight, always leading the charge, and always eager to tear into the enemy, we owe our freedom to the United States Marine Corps.

Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps.


There are only two kinds of people that understand Marines: Marines and the enemy. Everyone else has a second-hand opinion. –General William Thornson, US Army

The safest place in Korea was right behind a platoon of Marines. Lord, how they could fight! – General Frank Lowe, US Army

We have two companies of Marines running rampant all over the northern half of this island, and three Army regiments pinned down in the southwest corner, doing nothing. What the hell is going on? -General John Vessey Jr., US Army

The American Marines have pride, and benefit from it. They are tough, cocky sure of themselves and their buddies. They can fight and they know it. -General Mark Clark, US Army

If I had one more division like this First Marine Division I could win this war. – General Douglas McArthur, US Army