Harry Reid to GOP: Come At Me Bro!

Heather Ginsberg
Posted: Apr 30, 2014 1:30 PM
Harry Reid to GOP: Come At Me Bro!

As we get into the full swing of primary season, candidates are starting to put out ads and get all their issue positions out there. Well apparently Harry Reid has been noticing a common theme amongst many of the new ads out, him!

On Monday the Senate Majority Leader taunted Republicans who are attacking him in their Senate races. Mr. Reid got up on the Senate floor the other day to say, “In Senate races across the country, Republicans will avoid the issues that matter most to Americans. Instead of trying to focus attention on a senator not even up for election. That senator is me.”

Once again, Reid attempted to tie the GOP with the Koch brothers and contrasted the GOP with the Democrats. He said, “Charles and David Koch and their radical henchmen – feel free to attack me as much as you want. I can take it. But don’t expect the American people to be fooled by the newest tactic.”

In essence, “come at me bro!”

It’s not really a new tactic in politics to call out representatives who are doing a terrible job. That’s how you get rid of the people who aren’t getting the job done.