Colorado Pot Supporters Want to Fly with Their New Purchases

Heather Ginsberg
Posted: Jan 09, 2014 4:00 PM
Colorado Pot Supporters Want to Fly with Their New Purchases

Whether you support Colorado’s recent change of policy when it comes to marijuana use and distribution, we are all still very aware that federal policy has not changed. Apparently many cannabis supporters in Colorado are upset that they can’t bring their weed onto airplanes flying out of Denver International Airport. Signs are posted all over the airport stating that it is not allowed.

It seems that many people in Colorado are taking advantage of the new marijuana laws, but perhaps to a level where they don’t remember that airports are controlled by the federal government. The federal government still recognizes marijuana as an illegal substance. Unless, the government changes this law or makes an exception for medical marijuana users, TSA regulations do not allow marijuana on airplanes.

The Denver International Airport has unfortunately had to deal with those asking why they can’t bring their weed on planes. Besides the fact that the airport is required to comply with TSA protocol, DIA also does not want to be put in the position where they are facilitating the transport of a drug that is illegal in most other states.

Medical marijuana users want to have the drug treated as any other medical drug that is brought on airplanes, but until rules are changed they are just going to have to wait. This is one of the sticky situations that many opponents to the legalization of marijuana were worried about. With the federal government still looking at the drug one way, but a state looking at it in a very different light, this makes for challenges in understanding for citizens.