Most Americans Support Deporting Illegal Immigrants

Posted: Feb 21, 2013 6:00 PM

Although we have been hearing a lot from Washington lately about new immigration policy, it seems that our legislators are not listening! A recent Reuters/Ipsos survey found that the majority of Americans want illegal immigrants deported. Clearly the 53 percent of respondents who want all or most illegal immigrants deported are not getting used to the idea of easing immigration laws.

Reuters explains their findings by saying,

These results are in line with other polls in recent years, suggesting that people’s views on immigration have not changed dramatically since the immigration debate reignited in Congress last month, according to Ipsos pollster Julia Clark.

“It’s not Americans’ views that are shifting. It is that the political climate is ripe for this discussion,” after the November election when Hispanics voted overwhelmingly in favor of Democratic President Barack Obama, she said.

“Democrats feel that the time is right to capitalize on their wins and Republicans feel that they had a bad blow and are eager to reach out to Hispanics,” she added.

Obviously these findings are important in deciding what should be done about illegal immigration into the United States. The Senate’s most recent proposed legislation allows for a path to citizenship for all illegal immigrants after complying with some sort of requirement whether it be paying a fine or back taxes and “waiting in line”.

But what makes our lawmakers think this is what we want? Clearly this study finds that we do not want to financially support more immigrants in this country. What part of illegal is hard to understand? And how about all those people who have waited years and paid thousands of dollars to have their families move here legally? They all get pushed to the back of the line because they wanted to prove they could abide by the American legal system? Perhaps it is time our lawmakers listen to what we want and find that this is not the time to start allowing for illegal immigrants to make their way through a hurried process to legalization.