Video: Carly Fiorina Dominates Chris Matthews on Hillary's Lies

Guy Benson
Posted: Aug 07, 2015 2:25 PM
Video: Carly Fiorina Dominates Chris Matthews on Hillary's Lies

Following her clear victory in yesterday's "undercard" GOP debate in Cleveland yesterday evening, Carly Fiorina appeared on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews.  The host accused Fiorina of employing -- ahem -- an 'end of discussion'-style tactics by calling out Hillary Clinton's lies.  He asked how the Republican could productively debate Mrs. Clinton if she's already decided the Democratic frontrunner is a liar who can't be trusted on anything.  Fiorina weathered several interruptions and shot back with a concise series of corrections and indictments.  A clinic:

Hillary's dishonesty on Benghazi is well-established.  She and other top administration officials continued to recite the bogus "internet video" excuse long after the government knew (virtually immediately) that the attacks were the intentional work of jihadi terrorists.  The administration's efforts to downplay their own security failures and the true nature of the deadly raid have also been borne out by the evidence.  The case that Hillary repeatedly lied about her improper email scheme -- currently under federal criminal investigation -- is even stronger.  Matthews challenged Fiorina's conduct and demanded specifics.  She gave him an earful, ending with the host sheepishly conceding, "I see why you stood out tonight."  Powerful, detailed and unafraid.  Carly Fiorina didn't make the cut for last night's primetime debate, in spite of her political gifts, having failed to break through with the electorate.  Republican voters want a fighter.  Regardless of whether she's the best choice to become the party's nominee, Fiorina is a smart and effective fighter.  Yesterday, she again demonstrated why she deserves to be counted among the Republicans' A-team.