Hot Scoop: CBS Affiliate Blows the Lid Off of Random Woman's Facebook Post

Posted: Apr 15, 2015 5:06 PM

Via Andrew Stiles, please try to wrap your head around this ludicrous exercise in "journalism:"

"That is a direct quote from a North Texas woman's Facebook today, and now it is getting some national attention...There were a lot of folks responding on that post...a lot of them obviously opposing that view, some of them supporting that view."

BREAKING: Random, non-public-figure woman posts controversial opinion on Facebook; friends agree, disagree.  Film at 11.  Stiles summarizes the absurdity:

This local CBS affiliate not only wrote up a story on its website, they actually sent a reporter to interview “Dallas woman” Cheryl Rios and shoot B-roll footage at her workplace. (Spoiler alert: She refused to condemn her stupid Facebook post.) They even interviewed one of her clients, who disagreed with her views. The story currently has more than 14,000 shares on Facebook. If this is a sign of things to come, the next 18 months are going to be even more excruciating than expected. One can (somewhat) realistically extrapolate this to the point where Republican presidential candidates are being asked to respond to random commenters on their social media posts: “And now to you, Senator Cruz. Twitter user @h00j_d0ng1776, one of your followers, no less, writes: ‘#HillarySoOld she remembers when women couldn’t vote. Those were the days.’ Senator Cruz, do you think your opposition to female suffrage will hurt you in a general election?”

You'll be happy to know that this "report" has since shot up to 27,000 Facebook shares, plus more than 1,200 retweets on Twitter.  And if you think Stiles' endgame speculation sounds far-fetched, then you haven't met our media.  (Head-spinning double standards and treating average people like public figures in order to pile on their speech are among the trends MKH and I explore at some length in End Of Discussion, coming June 9 and available for pre-order right now).  Here's Jon Stewart rolling his eyes at the political press' breathless breakdown of Hillary's Monday lunch stop. BurritoBowlgate 2015: Never Forget®:

"Part of why yesterday was so successful is, she looks like she's having fun, and she's doing -- for her -- new stuff. We've never seen her get a burrito before."

Incidentally, how did we, the unwashed masses, become aware of this delightfully spontaneous display of unscripted, authentic authenticity? 

Campaign operatives later phoned the New York Times, according to a journalist familiar with the chain of events, so reporters would know she had been there.

Ah. I think I'll revisit this development tomorrow.