Happening Now: The Benghazi Hearings

Guy Benson
Posted: May 08, 2013 11:28 AM
Happening Now: The Benghazi Hearings

Outside of certain precincts in the conservative media, the Benghazi scandal was dead and buried for months.  Not anymore.  Thanks to the emergence of three State Department whistle-blowers and revelations about the across-the-board lack of accountability in both Washington and Northern Africa, Benghazi is once again front-and-center.  As a reminder, here are the men who have stepped forward to shed light on the truth:

Mr. Mark Thompson
Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Counterterrorism
US Department of State

Mr. Gregory Hicks
Foreign Service Officer and former Deputy Chief of Mission/Chargé d’Affairs in Libya
US Department of State

Mr. Eric Nordstrom
Diplomatic Security Officer and former Regional Security Officer in Libya
US Department of State

CNN and CBS News aired unsparing previews of today's hearings:


Is the "dam about to break" on this story?  Watch the hearings live on C-SPAN 3, and stay tuned for complete coverage here on the Tipsheet.  As you consider the testimony of Mssrs. Hicks, Thompson and Nordstrom, juxtapose their comments with the administration's stated viewpoints on various elements of the Benghazi investigation: (1) "What difference does it make?" (2) "Benghazi happened a long time ago." (3) "We have more important things to worry about."  Family members of our slain personnel in Benghazi are once again speaking out; Patricia Woods is decrying the administration's secrecy, blasting Democrats' accusation that today's hearings are "political," and pointing the finger at Hillary Clinton.  Charles Woods answers Sec. Clinton's infamous question listed above: "Credibility."