The Speech I Would’ve Given at CPAC

Greg Hengler
Posted: Apr 01, 2013 1:16 PM

Here's a sample of Habeeb's CPAC "speech":

One thing you can say about the Left: They are great at storytelling. At making things up. They’ve churned out works of art, theater, journalism, and film, and it has paid off. Their fiction is made up — but their nonfiction is made up, too. Their version of American history: made up, or filled with half-truths, distortions, and omissions that beg for correction.

In the culture wars we are fighting — and make no mistake, the biggest cultural battle is over our past — we must fight their stories with stories of our own.

Either that, or lose our memory. And lose America.

[...] Storytelling worked for Jesus Christ. And his apostles. It worked well for Abraham Lincoln. And Winston Churchill. And Ronald Reagan.

[...] But when trying to bring people around to our point of view, anger isn’t a tool of persuasion. Neither are facts and data. When you start explaining why you’re right and why the person you’re talking to is wrong, and that you have the facts and data to prove it, you will lose every time. Explaining is how we always get in trouble.

I propose here and now that we try something new. Let’s start telling stories[.]