Kerry: The Iran Deal "May" Lead to US Deaths

Posted: Jul 28, 2015 6:00 PM
Kerry: The Iran Deal "May" Lead to US Deaths

The Iran deal, as Guy has meticulously argued, is disastrous. Moreover, it is also unpopular. (Goalpost shifting and eleventh-hour concessions, after all, are hardly the stuff of universally-popular diplomatic negotiations). Nevertheless, there is one provision, as outlined in the accord, that is extremely disconcerting; namely, eventually allowing “conventional weapons” to flow back into the hands of an unapologetically anti-American and anti-Semitic regime.

Put another way, Western powers will be presiding over the de facto rearmament of a burgeoning nuclear power. The consequences of doing so – and lifting economic sanctions, for that matter — are incalculable. And yet, critics of the accord have long argued that such provisions will only put Americans and our Israeli friends at risk.

Stunningly, however, after listening to the administration’s own Secretary of State testifying before Congress on Wednesday, it appears they weren't totally off the mark (via Weasel Zippers).

In fairness to Kerry, he is not the first member of the administration to admit this.